Fish salmon in Lagan and other streams.


Lagan is one of Sweden´s best salmon streams. Every year 700-1400 salmons are caught. Beside there are salmon trout, pike, perch and flounder. The fishing is beginning 1:st of march and is ending 14:th of october. Salmon is rising in Lagan during may. Then you can caught big shining salmon. During august begins the spawning to reach it`s maximum during september. Up to 14:th of october is it allowed to fish. There are also plenty of fishes in the minor streams Smedjeån and Genevadsån and annexed brooks.

You must have a fishing-card to be allowed to fish in Lagan and the other streams.

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Caught salmons at the annual recurrent salmon day at 20:th of september 2003. The biggest salmon weighed 9 kg. 600 fishing card were distributed during the day. At that day you are allowed to fish in the ponds which  belong to "Sydkrafts laxodling". Take the opportunity to look at the breeding plant of salmons  at "Sydkraft laxodling".

Playing golf on four golf courses in the district of Laholm.


In Halland there are plenty of golf courses. In the county of Laholm there are four golf courses with different sizes. At Våxtorp there is "Laholms golfklubb", which has 18+9 holes. At Skogaby there is "Skogaby golfklubb" with 18 holes.


In  Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv there are short hole courses . They are pay and play courses.

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