Swim at the vast sand beach in Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv in Halland

Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv has one of Sweden's longest sand beaches - 12 km







Laholmsbukten med utsikt över Mellbystrand och Skummeslöv från Hallandsås




The sandy beach stretches

 between Stensån at Båstad up to the Lagan.  North of the River Lagan continues sandy beach up to Halmstad.

In addition to swimming, you can play ball and other ball games, playing in the sand, sunbathing, windsurfing, kite surfing



View from Hallandsås over Laholmsbukten including Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv

What qualities have the sandy beach in Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv?

 Especially in northern and central Mellbystrand are sand loose and soft.  In Skummeslöv the sand is a little more firm.There are no stones. The water is shallow, especially in southern  Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv, making it an ideal playground for children

Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv are situated  between Båstad,  Halmstad,  E6, Laholm and Laholmsbukten in the county of Halland.

Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv are located between Halmstad and Båstad west of the European highway E6, which goes through. There are approximately 2 mil to Halmstad and about 1 mil to Båstad. You can get to Båstad by bike or car without driving on E6.

There are two exits from the highway.

  •  At  middle Mellbystrand towards Mellbystrand or Laholm.
  •  At  middle Skummeslöv towards Skummeslöv or Skottorp.

 In Trulstorp between Laholm and Mellbystrand is the train station on the Västkustbanan. Buses also stops there. Hallandstrafiken have internet pages with timetables for buses and trains.

 More about: public transport to Laholm, Mellbystrand and Skummeslövsstrand and other palaces are available on a separate page.

Mellbystrand, Skummeslöv and southern Halland are bicycle-friendly

 It is possible to bike on the beach in southern Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv.  Moreover Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv are crossed of bike trail Ginstleden. From Mellbystrand leads a cycling route to Laholm. It follows along the road 24 - pass the railway station in Trulstorp. From Laholm you can ride north to Veinge or south towards Vallberga and Skottorp - this entire route is on the old disused stretch of a railway.  From Skottorp you can use the bicycle trail towards Skummeslöv. There are also lots of smaller paved roads, which are also suitable for cycling.  See separate section on cycling routes in the south of Sweden.


 On the beach in southern Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv you can park your car on the beach

Nära Halmstad i Mellbystrand  är det delvis tillåtet att köra och parkera på stranden i Mellbystrand och Slummeslöv

Parking at the beach is permitted during daylight hours in certain areas. It is convenient to park on the beach if you have young children and much stuff with you. Elderly and other persons with limited mobility can in that way come to the beach. The beach is closed into sections, so that you can only run and park  on certain parts. On other parts it is not permitted to park on the beach..

Because there are many children playing on the beach you must drive slowly and be careful.  Camping and stay-over night in a camper is not permitted outside designated camping areas.

At Ejder vägen in southern Mellbystrand there are handicap WC and changing rooms.



På vissa avsnitt är det tillåtet att köra och parkera på stranden



On the beach in central and north Mellbystrand are only sun lovers and bathers

Nära Halmstad i norra Mellbystrand är sanden på stranden lös och stenfri


In the central and north Mellbystrand is the sand loose and warm - particular good to walk barefooted and sunbathing.


It is not possible and allowed to run down with cars  on the the beach north of the road  Mellby vägen at the bathing establishement Delphinen, because the sand is loose. In northern Mellbystrand you can park at a large parking lot. beachfront.


In northern Mellbystrand dunes are high.  In northern Mellbystrand are also small picturesque cottages among the dunes

There are many sun lovers on the loose, warm sandy beach in central and northern Mellbystrand



It is lovely to swim in Mellbystrand

Par badar i MellbystrandDopp o bad i MellbystrandMamma o barn badar i Mellbystrand




The beach in Mellbystrand o Skummeslöv is child friendly

Lek med vatten i Mellbystrand nära Halmstad. Vatten är långrunnt och barnsäkert.

Barnsäkert vatten- Havet är långrunt i Mellbystrand ochSkummeslöv

Child safe water-sea is shallow in Mellbystrand and Skummeslöv


In the south of Mellbystrand between Mellby vägen and Ejder vägen it is permissible to windsurf  


There are often waves of suitable height, which makes it nice to windsurf. The wind is during the daytime most blowing from the west towards the land. Sometimes the wind blows from country side - then you have to be careful so you not blow to Denmark.

A popular place for windsurfing and kite surfing is at the mouth of the Lagan at  Snapparp. There are not many swimmers so you can surf undisturbed,




Dogs ia alloede to be on the beach at Cat Road in Skummeslöv H

 At the Kattvägen in northern Skummeslöv dogs may swim and stay on the beach.  Between 1 May -15 September may not  dogs be on the beach and the dunes on other sites.

 The dog shall be connected during the period 1 March to 20 August and you should always pick up after your dog.





Signs to facilitate description of where you are on the beach - as a dog, carrot, etc. -



 Camping is permitted only in campgrounds west of E6.  It is not allowed to sleep on the beach with tents, motorhomes or caravans.

 The following camps are:

·         Marias camping in the north Mellbystrand next Hökafältet

·         Olles camping at Birger Pers road east of the Strandhotellet

·         Skummeslövs Ekocamping  at Stora Strandvägen  Skummeslöv



The water in Laholmsbukten

 The water is usually warm during the season (19-21 o C).  This partly depond  that on daytime  the wind blows from west and he warm surface water come in..


Algal bloom-water quality

Like in many other places in Sweden, under certain conditions it encountered problems with algae blooms and  the algae  float ashore.  In recent years there have only been minor problems, let's hope it's the beginning of a lasting improvement.

Sometimes the water can be brown-colored, it is because large amounts of water coming from forests and bogs. There is no health hazard to swim in the brown colored water.


Beach service patrol

Beach Service Patrol e ensures that the beach is clean, safe and secure. Water quality and temperature on four different boards.  They can answer different questions and provide information to what happens in the summer.


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